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HEnterprise : open and robust server side technologies ...

An open multi-users database engine

Maximizing the power of your database: you can use any relational database of the market (Oracle, SQLServer, MySQL...).

Open and scalable: the performance of the server mainly relies on the architecture chosen for the database. You can support million of customer records in your database if your IT follows.

Easy data model design: HDesigner lets you easily create your own data model. This is also a very powerful tool to migrate data from a version to an other version of the data model.

Editable reports: HReport is a tool to automacally edit reports of your data center. Those reports are accessible through HBrowser.

Standard web technologies running on all IP networks (intranets and extranets)

An application available within all intranets and extranets: HEnterprise suite natively supports IP and web technology advantages : you can configure your network topology as wanted. There is no specific requirements for using HEntreprise suite on an IP network.

Secured users data with SSL encryption and VPN networks: Data are secured with SSL encryption. HEnterprise can also be run above VPN networks.

Power-proved solutions based on robust and scalable infrastructure: HEnterprise suite server side can be run on main platforms of the market (Apache, WebSphere or IIS, Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL). They are robust and scalable.

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