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HCI stands for Human Computer Interaction. Its goals is to make information systems accessible to small and medium entreprises.

HCI mission statement is to build with you solutions that you can maintain by your own and that integration information and communication streams.

HCI value proposition is :

  • to help you to synthetize you real business needs,
  • to design your targeted information and communication systems taking into account your existing systems
  • to integrate your infrastructure
  • to define new processes and associated application screens
  • to train your workforce

One of the key issues of a seamless information system migration is to integrate differents systems into a single application viewed by users.

HCI has developped a great experience in consultancy forcall centers in banking and telecom sectors.


HCI was founded by H. Castellan in 2002. He has been working for more thant 10 years in telecoms (Matra Nortel Communications as product manager, Cegetel-SFR as strategy manager).

H. Castellan founded HCI Software because he thought that something was missing in Web services and 3 tier architectures in order to simply integrate information and communication streams into one system.

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