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Build an easy to maintain information and communication system

HEnterprise is an open information system development framework build around human-computer interactions (data capture, voice communications). With it, you can fastly and easily create your own customer centered information system : it is especially well suited for data producing organizations such as CRM and call center business units. Its low human entry cost makes it affordable to small and medium businesses.

HEnterprise suite, a new generation of web architectures

HEnterprise suite is based on two key but independant modules : HBrowser and HServer. HBrowser is a light but powerful XML browser, bringing more power that any common internet navigator and managing communications tools (voice and mails). HServer is an N-tier web services server framework. HCommunications suite, based on HServer layers, is a set of on the shelf communication applications.

HCI Software
HCI Software

HTools, a simple to use development suite

One of the key goals of HCI is to make information systems available to small and medium business units. This implies that required skills to build and maintain it should no longer be code developpers but rather more webmasters and marketing users. HBrowser user screens are designed with a drag & drop IDE and HServer data model is drawn with a UML modeler.

When technologies matter

HBrowser engine displays XML objects, runs javascripts and exchanges data with any server supporting main web standards (HTTP/HTTPS, XML-RPC, SOAP or J2EE web services). HServer supports main web standards and telecom standards (web services, relational databases, LDAP, mail, telephony protocols such as CSTA CTI and H.323) which simplifies integration into your existing systems.

HCI Software